The betting terminal of Tipbet are distinguished by their huge functionality, reliability and manipulation. With our betting terminals not only direct betting is possible, but also the registration and use of the sports betting Customer Card, managing business figures and controlling betting slips.

The complete range of sports betting in a terminal
The sportsbook terminal can reproduce the entire betting program of Tipbet. Tipbet provides numerous pre-match betting and up to 10,000 live matches per month for betting. With dozens of betting markets for various sports, Tipbet is a leading provider of sports betting.

Other functions include the inquiry of statistics, tables and results. The practical search function helps you to find teams. Furthermore, each betting slip can also be created with the Customer Card at the terminal.

Three Cash Out Options
In-store visitors of the betting terminals will appreciate the newly added function as they now have three options to choose from if they want to cash out on sports markets. Partial Cash Out and Auto Cash Out joined the Full Cash Out in a ground-breaking addition – this combination is uncommon and rare among competitors in the betting industry. 

Our innovative approach works as a safety net for Tipbet Customers by reducing their risk exposure and allowing them to guarantee an amount or percentage of winnings if they are unsure of their bets. 

Partial Cash out: The newly-added feature allows customers to receive back (cash out) part of their bet while letting the rest of the bet run. Partial Cash Out allows users to combine safety with risk, and therefore, to simultaneously guarantee a profit and keep the bet alive with a smaller stake.

Example: You placed a €100 bet on a hypothetical Italy vs France match. If you feel like guaranteeing yourself a portion of winnings, you can use a sliding scale and select a percentage of the stake you want to return. For instance, you can choose to cash out 80% of you stake and continue with a €20 bet on the Italy vs France match.

Auto Cash out: Our customers can now set a predetermined target amount to operate as a threshold, with their bet cashing out automatically when the desired amount in reached.

Example: You set your target amount at €10 and let the game roll. At some point, Tipbet starts issuing offers for those who want to play safe. When this offer reaches the desired amount of €10, the funds are automatically cashed out.

Full Cash out: Τhis option allows customers to take full control of their betting slip - in case their bet is going against them - by choosing to take profit early.  Tipbet makes an offer and it’s up to the customers to decide whether they want to remain safe and limit their losses or to risk and leave the stake as it is.

Εxample: You placed a €50 bet on a hypothetical Germany vs England match choosing home team to win. As the match unfolds, the ongoing result is clearly favouring England. In this case, you might choose to play safe, limit your losses and guarantee yourself a profit by taking Tipbet’s offer at any point before the end of the match.

Relief in sports betting operation
Placing your bets on terminals offers an attractive alternative as a complement and/or relief to the POS system. The betting customer can use the betting terminal autonomously, print betting slips, without an additional personnel expense.

The intuitive and simple handling enables to bet via a manual input on the touch screen. The terminals allow to insert coins, input bank notes, the cashing of vouchers and the crediting or debiting with the Tipbet Customer Card.

Optimized hardware solution with the best sports betting software
Our terminals are available in different versions. Each brand is characterized by a high quality handling process, first-class components, a functional and stylish design and a perfectly coordinated hardware.

Our partner for sports betting Hardware Tipbet GmbH in Germany provides you our tip RED II supermodel as well as other models. Contact info [ at ] via email or visit the website and fill out the contact form here.

The Tip RED II in video: