Cross-platform sports betting functions between Online and Shop
With the Tipbet loyalty Customer Card, the accounts are maintained on all platforms. This is a major advantage that all relevant data, such as deposits, withdrawals and betting histories are automatically saved and that tickets cannot be lost.

Offer your customers an extraordinary betting experience. They are no customer wishes, which could not be satisfied with the extensive online betting line of Tipbet. Whether sports betting, live betting, single or multiple bets, our constantly updated betting program offers everything that makes the betting heart beat faster, and this is possible with the Customer Card at any time.

Your betting shop is the first contact point
The Customer Card is registered in your betting shop for the customer. The Customer Card can only be used in your betting shop, on all sports betting machines and POS systems, or online. This will increase the customer retention in your betting shop and expand your business online.

Deposits and withdrawals are carried out as usual in your betting office. Your customers will have the opportunity at any time to check current bets themselves and bonuses are credited automatically into the betting Account. For safety reasons, a personal pin is required for the payment, which is determined when applying to the Tipbet Customer Card.