For many restaurateurs and Sports bar operators whose major source of income is the broadcasting of sports events, a betting terminal offers an interesting extension to the actual entertainment offer.

An added value and additional revenue
Expand your operation with sports betting from Tipbet and offer your customers added value. Betting machines and betting terminals need only a small staff, however they will increase your sales. Offer the opportunity to your customer to have another reason to visit your shop, complement your offer for the clientele of sports fans and tipsters.

Provide power until the end
Offer pure tension and captivate your customers until the last minute. With the live range of Tipbet you offer yourself secure revenues, even if the games are already decided. The Result bet (e.g. Rest Time bet) increases the length of stay of your clients in your shop. The evaluation of live betting is quickly initiated, so it may be worthwhile for your customers to wait in your shop for the result.

A whole betting shop in a Tipbet device
Through our advanced software and hardware solutions, the management of the betting machines and equipment is very simple and comprehensive. At a betting terminal, day and monthly bills can both be calculated, as well as customer cards registration and managing payouts. Displays, shop owners and employees are additionally provided different levels of authorization and access for the smooth operation.

For the Betting shop-in-shop concept of Tipbet we offer:
  • Various modern betting terminals, easy to use with paperless betting cards
  • A powerful POS System
  • The practical table and counter device Tippoint
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